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ISRC has successfully assisted more than 3000 students with high quality counselling services to Study in SINGAPORE . Our dedicated consultants have over 21 years of professional experience with Education in Singapore. ISRC provides an immense support structure for both its students as well as institutional partners.

ISRC Education Consultants facilitate pre and post guidance counselling support on the admissions process. These counselling sessions are either on an individual and or group basis until the individual begins their studies overseas.

21 years of Excellence

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Radhika Narayanan

My name is Radhika Narayanan. I have had the fortune to be a fine art student at NAFA for the past two years now _ AY 2016-17 and AY 2017-18 and am now in my third year. When I got to know of NAFA, I got in touch with ISRC. All the formalities, processes and document procedures were explained with so much clarity and everything went smooth. It was an amazing experience as they were warm and understanding. All doubts cleared and efforts taken. They gave us briefing and everything was clear cut. They made not only the students, but also the parents very comfortable which is more important. After we got to Singapore as well, they were on the journey with us and took care of us till we sat comfortably in the laps of our NAFA Journey.

Ms. Lakshmi is an amazing person and is someone whom I really love for her conviction, care and kindness. Hats off!!!

My NAFA journey started beautifully because of ISRC and got only better from there.

Rushali Vinod

I am Rushali Vinod. I am a Freshmen at NAFA, I have been passionate about theatre ever since I was a child. And always curious what happens when the curtains close. I found ISRC who are helping to get into NAFA, Singapore. They gave me the clarity on the prospects of the college and it's various modules. NAFA has a very welcoming environment . and it is a Great College for people who are interested in learning and growing.

ISRC helped me process my documents smoothly . And helped me finish al the formalities required for a student to study abroad.


Joining Singapore through ISRC happens to be one of the best decisions of my life! The counseling sessions never seemed like a burden. Cheers to the counselors who became family!

Rajesh Gupta

Thank you for all the efforts and support and for making my dream come true! It would have not been possible without ISRC!


Hi , I am Divya and joined NAFA Singapore through ISRC. ISRC was a great help in all the aspects of my admission process. I thoroughly enjoy studying in NAFA, Singapore. Thank you ISRC for giving me right pathway. Keep up the good work ISRC team